Open Position
Building Manager
Community Service Building Corporation

The Building Manager for the Community Service Building Corporation reports directly to Jaime Bohn (302 888-2047). The primary duty is to ensure the smooth operation of the Community Service Building and Parking Garage.  Areas of responsibility include but are not limited to: maintain tenant listings, manage building and parking garage access, manage conference room usage and calendars, lease management, maintain up to date Certificates of Insurance from tenants and contractors, keep website and tenant handbook current, maintain elevator and lobby postings, uphold building policies and procedures, monitor building systems and tenant relations. The objective is outstanding tenant service and long term satisfaction.

Examples of other specific duties:

Assist in developing long-range facility operation and maintenance plans.

Participate in meetings, trade shows, and organizations that keep abreast of industry standards and practices that foster leadership in facility management.

Attend and participate in board meetings and tenant meetings.

Work closely and communicate well with CSB team members, tenants, visitors, and contractors.

This job description is incomplete and may include other duties not included here and may change with the needs of the Executive Director.

For further information, call 302 888-2047.


Open Position: Building Manager